Effective with the 2016-17 school year, Grace Christian School will be accepting applications for Preschool!!  We are adding three pre-school classrooms (ages 3 years, 6 months through pre-Kindergarten)! The spiritual and academic teaching philosophies of Grace Christian Preschool are solidly rooted in those principles established by Grace Christian School, founded in 1981.

The preschool will be licensed by the Ohio Department of Education, as will the lead teachers (Pre-K - 3rd grade licensure). We will also have teaching faculty support staff which will have a broad background in early childhood education.

We will offer a superior pre-school curriculum that is rooted in a God-centered Biblical worldview. This view holds that the Bible is the inherent Word of God and God's truth is the standard for all truth. We will also prepare our pre-school students to successfully continue their academic journey well beyond their pre-school year(s), as they will have priority application status to transition into our K-8 experience at Grace Christian School.