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We are delighted to strategically partner with LIVE Wellness Center psychologists, counselors, and therapists as providers of clinical counseling services. Founded on Christian Biblical Principles, their mission is to promote the well-being of children, families and adults in the Central Ohio area. They provide innovative, accessible and quality treatment utilizing a Christian world view and Christian values to foster wellness. They work to empower their clients to Live In Victory Everyday (L.J.V.E.).

LIVE Wellness Center believes that the Bible is the ultimate authority for our lives and that all of us fall short of living out the goals as stated in the Bible. Their therapists are never to have an attitude that one person's shortcomings are any worse than any others, or their own. They approach every client with love, respect, humility and reverence as Jesus stated himself.

Because they offer counseling from a Christian world view, they are very careful to recognize the ethical position of the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist Board (CSWMFTB), that professional counseling may include those discussions if requested by the client.

These discussions are not promoted or advanced by the counselor without the expressed interest of the client. LIVE Wellness Center has highly trained and clinically skilled personnel who are experienced to address childhood related disorders such as ADHD, Asberger's, separation anxiety, behavior issues, grief and loss, family conflict, and other neurological disorders. Their therapists are passionate about providing individual, family and group therapy.

Please contact LIVE Wellness Center at 614-437-9910 or to receive information about their services and/or to schedule a meeting with their staff. All scheduling, financial matters (including insurance processing), etc. is all managed by LIVE Wellness Center.