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Fundraising is an important part of supporting GCS and keeping tuition costs affordable to all families.  Our approach to fundraising is a bit different from most schools.  Rather than have students work on various fundraising projects throughout the year, we have a flat fee of $200 per student for which each family is responsible.

Fundraising for the 2019-2020 school year has begun!  That means that if you purchase Scrip cards you are already on your way to chipping away at that $200 per student requirement!  Fundraising fees are due in full by January 31, 2020.  Families who diligently use Scrip, typically have no problem earning the $200 rather than having to pay it out-of-pocket.

The Scrip program was selected because it takes advantage of your spending patterns and does not place the burden on the parent or child to ask others for money or to purchase things like cookies, wrapping paper, candy, etc. Over the years we have had many families go well beyond the required amount for their account just by using this program.  The trick is to start ASAP and use the program diligently.  Take time to think about upcoming events for your family and maximize your opportunities.

How does it work?

SCRIP is a discounted gift card program that allows you to utilize your normal everyday spending budget to meet your goal for our school.  You can use gift cards that you purchase through GCS to pay for gas, groceries, home improvements, meals out, etc.  You are going to spend the money on those parts of life anyway…use it to your advantage! 

For example, if you spend about $100 at Meijer for groceries, then simply purchase $100 Meijer card to shop with. Meijer offers a 3% rebate with this program.  You will be paying full price for the card. GCS gets a discounted price of $97.26.  The remaining $2.74 that you paid goes straight toward your required $200 per student.  There are many rebate percentages offered and it is very easy to build up funds. 

Online Orders

You are able to place online orders at (see our monthly newsletter for order dates).  Just follow their step by step guidelines to set up your user account. GCS enrollment #622B27684218 will assure that your funds go to our organization. We place an order every Monday.   Place your order online, print it out and send in the order with payment to the school by that Monday. Once we receive your payment we will release your order on the scheduled order dates and your cards will be sent home with your child at the end of that same week.

Presto Pay

Watch this video ( to learn more about the convenience of using PrestoPay!  You must first follow the steps above to create your personal account linking your family to the GCS Scrip enrollment ID.

Using the online system has so many benefits.  There are literally HUNDREDS of retailers to choose from.  And you will be able to take advantage of bonus offers to increase your fundraising dollars.  Plus at any time you can log in and get an update of your progress toward the GCS required goal.

Reloadable Cards -- GO GREEN!  Many retailers offer reloadable cards.  Once you purchase the card online, you are able to reload that card through the GCS SCRIP program online.  When we release orders on our designated Monday release dates, your card is reloaded at THAT time! No waiting for the cards to come home!

For questions regarding fundraising please contact Mrs. Lee Evec in the school office at 614-861-0724.