During the week of November 13-17, GCS joined schools across the world to step out of our comfort zones and engage in God's love for those Jesus calls "the least of these borthers and sisters of mine."  Each day, World Vision offered a different challenge based on Matthew 25: skip candy, sweets and desserts today; drink only water; sleep on the floor; wear the same clothes you wore yesterday; write an encouragin note.  We gathered daily as a school to pray and hear from different parents and grandparents who experienced poverty firsthand.  Students got to use a LifePump from Design Outreach who is seeking to provide clean water to impoverished countries.


Thank you to our school community for embracing World Vision's Matthew 25 Challenge in ways we could never have anticipated.  The ways in which God used this in the lives of our students and families was remarkable.  From the Challenge, we launched our "Making a Difference" Christmas Gift.  We chose to raise money as classes and grades to purchase items from the World Vision catalogue.  Over $7000 was raised!  Praise God!


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