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At Grace Christian School, we believe that providing a solid Christian education involves much more than offering students courses in Bible and religion. For us, it is the integration of Biblical teaching in all areas and in all classes so that our students learn to see God in all facets of life. In our Christ-centered curriculum, God's word is the standard of truth and authority by which all subjects are taught.


GCS provides students in Preschool through eighth grade with rigorous coursework in Bible, English & Literature, Science/Health, Math, History & Social Studies. Additionally, all students in Kindergarten through eighth grade take part in Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education classes. Many students in specific grade levels participate in elective classes, including orchestra and choir.  To learn more about our outstanding preschool program, please see the preschool tab on our website or call the school office to speak with our preschool director.


In addition to PE, students have the opportunity to participate in various athletic clubs and clinics. Middle school students may also participate in competitive sports such as girls and boys basketball, girls volleyball, co-ed soccer, co-ed track & field and co-ed tennis.


We believe that taking part in meaningful activities outside the classroom is just as important as what's being taught during the school day. We encourage students to explore opportunities to further develop their gifts and talents. Extra-curricular activities at GCS include 4th-5th Grade Choir, 5th-8th Grade Orchestra, DNow (Middle School discipleship groups), Middle School athletics, Student Council and National Junior Honor Society.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

Educating children today to become Christ-centered leaders of tomorrow is the hallmark of the education we have provided for more than 40 years. For more information about how your family can be part of the GCS family, please contact us at 614.861.0724 or email our Head of School at