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Ellen Alexander Alexander, Ellen Preschool Teacher 614-861-0724
Shannon Breen Breen, Shannon Elementary and Middle School Music Teacher 614-861-0724
Valerie Brewer Brewer, Valerie 1st Grade Teacher 614-861-0724
Stephanie Christian Christian, Stephanie Preschool-4th Grade Assistant Principal 614-861-0724
Hannah Coe Coe, Hannah 3rd Grade Teacher 614-861-0724
Katie Dains Dains, Katie 4th Grade Teacher 614-861-0724
Ashley Dale Dale, Ashley Kindergarten Aide 614-861-0724
Uesky Daniel Daniel, Uesky Elementary Spanish Teacher 614-861-0724
Dawn Dolly Dolly, Dawn Middle School History, Government, and Consumer Science Teacher 614-861-0724
Brent Downing Downing, Brent Middle School Experiential Science Teacher 614-861-0724
Janet Firebaugh Firebaugh, Janet 5th Grade Bible and Science Teacher 614-861-0724
Shawna Flythe Flythe, Shawna 5th Grade Math, Social Studies and English Teacher 614-861-0724
Carol Geary Geary, Carol Lead Administrative Assistant 614-861-0724
Sonya Glover Glover, Sonya 1st Grade Aide 614-861-0724
Heather Graley Graley, Heather Kindergarten Teacher 614-861-0724
Kelly Guskey Guskey, Kelly Kitchen Assistant 614-861-0724
Teauana Guskey Guskey, Teauana Main Office Receptionist 614-861-0724
Jeremy Hartman Hartman, Jeremy Physical Education Teacher, Athletic Director 614-861-0724
Nikeha Hayes Hayes, Nikeha 2nd Grade Aide 614-861-0724
Chip Heim Heim, Chip Middle School Bible Teacher 614-861-0724
Roseann Hicks Hicks, Roseann Elementary Art and Drama Teacher, 2nd Grade Aide 614-861-0724
Andreas James James, Andreas Student Life Staff 614-861-0724
Staci Kitchen Kitchen, Staci Instructor 614-861-0724
Grace Kline Kline, Grace Food Service Director and PE Uniform Distributor 614-861-0724
Kristen Krebs Krebs, Kristen Instructor - Aide 614-861-0724
Rachel Kuhn Kuhn, Rachel Kindergarten Teacher 614-861-0724
Diane Linger Linger, Diane Discovery Therapist 614-861-0724
LeeAnn Manis Manis, LeeAnn Preschool Instructional Aide 614-861-0724
Kalie Manko Manko, Kalie 6th-8th Grade English Teacher 614-861-0724
Renee McGinnis McGinnis, Renee Preschool Teacher 614-861-0724
Jessica Melton Melton, Jessica 1st Grade Aide 614-861-0724
Alaina Morrison Morrison, Alaina Preschool Aide 614-861-0724
Pam Munsell Munsell, Pam Elementary Art Teacher 614-861-0724
Dawn Naylor Naylor, Dawn 6th-8th Grade Math Teacher and Curriculum Director 614-861-0724
Sandy Nolen Nolen, Sandy Nurse 614-861-0724
Caroline Phillips Phillips, Caroline Social Worker, Extended Care Coordinator, Tennis Coach, DNow Coordinator, 8th Grade Capstone Teacher 614-861-0724
Cindy Phillips Phillips, Cindy Head of School, 8th Grade Science Teacher 614-861-0724
Ronnie Piehler Piehler, Ronnie Gold Building Receptionist 614-861-0724
Meghan Reed Reed, Meghan Office Staff 614-861-0724
Lindsay Reel Reel, Lindsay 3rd Grade Teacher 614-861-0724
Jessica Robson Robson, Jessica Kindergarten Aide 614-861-0724
Destiny Sampson Sampson, Destiny Gold Building Receptionist 614-861-0724
Amber Segna Segna, Amber Assistant Principal (5th - 8th Grade), 7th Grade Science Teacher 614-861-0724
Lacy Slatzer Slatzer, Lacy Kindergarten Aide 614-861-0724
Barbara Smiley Smiley, Barbara Middle School Spanish & Discovery Therapist 614-861-0724
Sadie Smith Smith, Sadie Outdoor Education, Middle School Art, and 6th Grade Science Teacher 614-861-0724
Stacey Stanley Stanley, Stacey Director of Finances 614-861-0724
Rebecca Strawser Strawser, Rebecca 4th Grade Teacher and Girls Basketball Coach 614-861-0724
Paula Tandy Tandy, Paula 2nd Grade Teacher 614-861-0724
Rebekah Vendley Vendley, Rebekah 2nd Grade Teacher 614-861-0724
Hannah Wingo Wingo, Hannah Preschool Teacher 614-861-0724
Sara Yadon Yadon, Sara Preschool Instructional Aide 614-861-0724
Michele Yates Yates, Michele Preschool Teacher 614-861-0724