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Prospective Families


Dear Prospective GCS Parent:

Providing a Christian education involves much more than offering students courses in religion. Christian education, as we at Grace Christian School view it, is the integration of Biblical teaching in all of our courses so that our students learn to see God in all facets of life. In GCS's Christ-centered curriculum, God's word is the standard of truth and authority by which all subjects are taught.

Additionally, Christian education is more than just offering traditional areas of instruction--it is offering an education so that students will be exposed to academic excellence. GCS makes no apology for striving for excellence in its more unique areas of instruction like having all students learn a foreign language, providing an all-day and phonics-based kindergarten, and offering exceptional instrumental and vocal music programs.

Our commitment to providing students with an unsurpassed educational experience is further demonstrated in our partnerships with the University of Richmond and Boston University, which provides students with necessary skills for high school, college and beyond. Students also have the opportunity to participate in specialized creative writing, spelling, speech, science and mathematics competitions involving other private schools.

The teaching faculty and administrative staff at GCS exist to reinforce and support you as parents. Just as important, parents of students at GCS must be committed to helping their child achieve their God-given potential by working in conjunction with us as well. When the school and parents partner together, not only are children affirmed for who they are, but also the highest ideals of Christian conduct and achievement are realized.

Educating children today to become Christ-centered leaders of tomorrow has been the hallmark of the education we at GCS have provided for more than 40 years. We are honored and privileged to continue this tradition of excellence as we join with you to provide the superior quality of Christian education Grace Christian School affords.

In His Service,

Mrs. Cynthia V. Phillips

Head of School