Therefore Talks

Parenting in today’s world is not easy. What the world says is morally and culturally acceptable for our children and for our families is not always what is best for us. And then there is the pressure of time, money, relationships….being the best parents we can be is a challenging journey knowing that our future – and our children’s futures – will be shaped by the choices we make today.

So, how are we to look at every opportunity as parents and know the best choices to make; how do we seek and gain wisdom? Wisdom begins with the understanding of who God is and who we are not. His “road map” for us is His Word and in His Word are lots of “THEREFORES”. These “THEREFORES” are bright red stops signs in our lives; we need to go back, re-read the verse, and find lots of wisdom!

Each day in life has pressures and its own worries. As followers of Jesus, how will we address these pressure and worries? How can we pursue wisdom so that the issues and matters of today will impact our children’s futures in a Biblical way? How can we guard our time, treasures and relationships so that they are not carelessly wasted away; rather, we intentionally invest in opportunities that matter most, make a difference in our family life, and create a cumulative value?

Grace Christian School will be hosting “Therefore Talks” on 17 Thursday mornings during the 2016-17 school year. Parents are welcome to drop their children off in extended care from 7:45 a.m. – 8:15 a.m. at no charge during the “Therefore Talks” and pick up a light breakfast before heading off for the day. The “Therefore Talks” are meant to equip, inspire, teach and challenge parents to “reset” their families this school year in radical ways.

The important areas of our lives require diligent attention and Godly molding and shaping every day. What will that look like for you and your family during this school year? How can you “reset” your choices as parents and families that might transform your lives?