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Grace Christian School has several important objectives which include to:

  • Guide students toward a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Lead students to a better understanding of the Bible and to teach all subject areas in the light of God’s Word
  • Develop in students a love for God and a desire to do the will and glory of Him
  • Develop attitudes of love and concern for others even those whose views differ from theirs
  • Teach the essentials of citizenship and develop a respect for law and authority through allegiance to God. 
  • Meet or exceed minimum federal, state and local requirements in accordance with God’s Word (Romans 13:1–7) 
  • Provide a climate for learning through the teaching of 
    • Communication and logic skills
    • Creative, critical and constructive thinking and concise writing skills
    • Our Christian and American heritage
    • Christian ethics and values