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A Kid Again

This Christmas, our GCS community is striving to adopt 10 "A Kid Again" families for 2020. Please help us reach our goal by giving at



We, the students of Grace Christian School, want to show kids with life-threatening conditions that we care about them and their families. We want them to know that they’re not alone by showing them that God loves them, and we love them, too. We want to give them hope. Kids should have more to look forward to than their treatment. They should get to feel normal like we do. We want to help by making people more aware about what goes on in their lives. We want to help by giving back.

At GCS, we abide by The Warrior Code, which emphasizes kindness, loyalty, courage, self-discipline, humility, honesty, perseverance, excellence, servant leadership, and integrity. We see the courage and perseverance it takes for kids and families who live with a life-threatening illness. Because we are Christians, we want to show kindness, humility, loyalty, servant-leadership and self-discipline by not sitting on the sidelines, but actually helping. 

Please help us reach our goal: